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24 février 2008

chateau la hulpe!

Today I went for a walk around the chateau at La Hulpe! Wow, it is so close! That is why I want a car in Belgium - to make little trips like this! It's not far, and it's very nice!

I'm starting to jog, just so that I can get in shape.  I ran for umm, possibly 12 minutes on Saturday, and after the walk today, my legs are very sore! I need to slowly train myself up to be in shape! Yay for cardio! Plus then my immune system is going to improve, and then I will not get sick so often. It's the rule. And I'm tired of being sick!

The funny thing about the little walk today is that there were already daffodils growing. In February! Spring is getting quicker and quicker every year!

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23 février 2008

going to amsterdam soon!

So this weekend I am going to Amsterdam.  I still haven't purchased my train ticket. If I purchased one a week in advance, it would have been cheaper, but sometimes it is hard to arrive before 8pm at the train station, and last week, this was the case!

I discovered Tours & Taxis this week which is a really interesting exhibition building.  It includes a few shops (like an Alessi shop!) and some nice restaurants.  It is currently hosting some Star Wars exhibition.  I have not seen it yet!

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22 janvier 2008

Discovering Bruxelles.

I think this will be my chance to add to the millions of bytes of useless text, but it seems like the thing to do when you go travel... write a blog?

But also, I think maybe I can try to keep track of things I happen to be searching for.

One of the first things I was in search of was knitting needles!

The internet provided me with a list of yarn stores on the cafe tricot blog.

So far I've been to one.

Art et Fil
rue de Bailli 25
1000 Bruxelles

They had Regia, Lang, Gedifra, Colinette, Noro, Rowan, and other ones I'm not familiar with! It is apparent that straight needles and DPNS are much more popular here, and there were very very little circular needles.  I ended up having to settle for some 2mm Lang (aka Addis!) DPNS.  But they got the job done for my endpaper mitts!  They had a really lovely selection of wooden knitting needles from France, but they were expensive, and I'm sure I'd eventually sit on one! Ouch!

The other thing I have been trying to find is a used or cheap bike!

Gracq has a list of shops that sell bikes
and so does Provelo!

Les Petits Riens has bikes, but don't go on Saturday, they will be sold out! You have to find some time on a weekday to go (which is nearly impossible for someone working during the day like me!).

and that is my January news report on bikes and yarn!

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